Below you will find items of note and additional resources such as presentations, blogs and useful information or data.

Open GLAM Survey

Survey of GLAM open access policy and practice

A collection of global instances of Open GLAM initiatives managed by Douglas McCarthy and Andrea Wallace

2018 to present

The true costs of research and publishing

Professor Kathryn M. Rudy considers the huge expenses of doing scholarly work in her field of art history

An article in Times Higher Education by Kathryn M. Rudy

29 August 2019

“UK museums’ right to charge image fees is called into question”

Campaign for institutions to free up photographs of out-of-copyright works is backed by legal experts

An article in The Art Newspaper by Ivan Macquisten

28 November 2017

Open Access to Art Images: Slides

Slides for ‘Open and Engaged 2019,’ Open Access Week at the British Library

Presented by Andrea Wallace and Simon Tanner

October 2019

Striking the Balance Report

How NMDC members are balancing public access and commercial reuse of digital content

A report by the Collections Trust commissioned by the NDMC

September 2015

Display At Your Own Risk

A research-led exhibition experiment featuring digital surrogates of public domain works of art produced by cultural heritage institutions of international repute.

Curated by Andrea Wallace and Ronan Deazley

April 2016

Display At Your Own Risk: An experimental exhibition of digital cultural heritage

A collection of essays that provides a range of perspectives on the various issues explored by the exhibition

Edited by Andrea Wallace and Ronan Deazley

April 2016

Report on Reproduction Charging Models and Rights Policies

A Mellon Foundation funded study on digital images in American Art Museums

Produced by Simon Tanner and King’s Digital Consultancy Services

August 2004

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